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STATEMENT: The source of our goods has an impeccable provenance. All canes in the collection are as described. If the entire cane, handle and shaft are both original, the descriptive sentence calls it a cane. When just the handle is original, his description indicates that it is a cane handle and the handle is "mounted" on a specific shaft.

Click photo for more details An early and gorgeous Narwhal Captain’s Cane. circa 1800

The whalebone-handle is a plain cylinder topped with an edge, it measures 3,5 cm high x 3,5 cm diameter, it is on top of the most precious material on Canes. There is a silver collar and an old bimetal ferrule. The OL is 91 cm. and the condition is perfect! This piece is gorgeous, is also covered with an extraordinary warm and cream-yellow patina which make it comparable with the legendary Nautical-Narwhal models, for this reason and for the simplicity of its shape we induce, it may ... read more

Click photo for more details Whalers Art, Ivory & Wood Walking Cane. Indian Ocean, circa 1880

The Sperm-whale ivory grip is 20 cm high x 4 cm to the side x 5,5 cm thick, it is artistically turned and carved in three segments: The upper one is pear-form with a baleen dot on the terrace, pursue for a second one with two carved rings, one of them is an octagonal shape junction ring, the third one is totally carved with octagonal shape. The shaft is made of whale ivory discs intercalated with three kind of exotic wood discs, one third of the shaft is octagonal shaped, then tapers-down ... read more

Click photo for more details Whalers Art, One-piece of Wood Walking Cane. circa 1880

The handle, carved in the form of a Turkish knot on top of a twisted-column is 3,5 cm high x 4,5 cm diameter, the twisted-column is 12,5 cm high and 2,5 cm diameter, there is a collar carved as a Celtic woven pattern. The shaft, is carved in two different segments: Twisted the first one and thick saw-toot grain the second one, there is a Celtic woven in the middle, it is varnished with a dark tint and ending with a smoot taper bimetal ferule. The O.L. is 93 and it is carved in one-piece ... read more

Click photo for more details Whalers Art, Scrimshaw Walking Cane. England ? circa 1890

The sperm whale ivory handle, carved in octagonal shape and tapering down, is 7 cm high x 3,5 cm to the side, it is segmented in three sections of ivory, being the highest 4,5 cm high. There are three separators of baleen and it is finished with an ivory dot inside a baleen disc on the terrace. It is on top of a smooth tapered whalebone shaft carved in four different segments, being the first 9 cm high, composed with eight slender stakes, the second one, is 14 cm of twisted rope, the ... read more